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5 C’s of Small Business Loans

To qualify for a small business loan there are a number of things bankers factor in. While it is an undeniable fact that getting approval for this type of financing isn’t easy, understanding what it takes for qualification can prove to be useful. For small business owners out there, or even for those still aspiring… Read More…

Green Small Business Ideas

It’s a fact the although all people in general contribute to pollution and global warming, businesses, no matter how big or small, make up for a significant amount of all environmental issues worldwide. Whether related to the type of service provided or the amount of energy consumption and waste disposal contributed, businesses play a major… Read More…

Small Businesses Need to Cope with Disaster Damage

Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La said that small businesses that were affected by disasters should get priority when it comes to getting aid. The aid is required in order to boost their chances of recovery. She said that small businesses are vital to the overall economy. She has introduced a bill that would make it easier… Read More…

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