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You can use unsecured business lines of credit for working capital, debt management, to fund a start-up company, or almost anything that is not long-term. Long-term projects are typically over 18 months, though that is not always the case.
Yes. Credit cards count as unsecured lines of credit. In fact, properly managed, credit cards in many cases can end up costing business owners much less in interest than traditional unsecured lines of credit. That is why many business owners have turned to credit cards for their primary source of funding.
In most cases JRG Capital Group, Inc. will not need access to this information.
Yes. Many of our customers are principals of brand new businesses that need access to spendable capital to grow their business.
Little to none, as long as your line of credit is set up properly (as long as you don't go into default).
As long as you can verify over $1 million in sales then you may have access to additional options.
In many situation where the person applying for the loan has poor credit, having a personal guarantor can definitely help. There are normally a few steps, however, that need to be taken in order to structure things properly. We can help you structure this properly.
It really depends upon your individual situation. While most of our clients can raise between $40-60,000, we have had some obtain much more than that. Contact us so that we can help you get the credit that you deserve.
Not exactly. Normally, if you obtain an unsecured business line of credit then you will be required to get a Personal Guarantee.
JRG Capital Group, Inc. was founded as an alternative for business needing capital, but being unable to obtain that capital through traditional lines of credit through their own banks. See more on our About Us page.
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