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Keeping It Cool During Extreme Hot Weather

Extreme hot weather is the time when people, especially outdoor workers, are at a higher risk of injuries and even death because of too much sun exposure. If you or someone you know is working outside during hot days of the year, it’s best to remember the three watchwords to be safe while in the workplace – rest, shade, and water.

The best way of dealing with hazards in the workplace is to take preventive measures before things go out of hand. Below are some ways to staying cool while under the heat:

· Start earlier than usual if you’re doing roof work. As much as possible, start the work after the sun comes up, a little before it rises, or before it reaches its highest point of the day. Try to finish the job before midday as this is when the sun’s at its hottest.

· Hydrate yourself with cool, not ice cold, water or fluids. Avoid drinking sodas and alcoholic beverages. Instead go for energy drinks if no water is available.

Find out the different types of heat illnesses you may encounter and how to prevent it from happening by visiting this site.

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