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Number of Small Business Owners Increased from Last Year

A study conducted by on 300,000 businesses in United Kingdom resulted in an increase of the number of entrepreneurs all over UK. Furthermore, the study reported that Northern people who haven’t started their own small business are just as willing as Southern residents.

The report also stated that of all states in the United Kingdom, the highest growth was tabulated in Newcastle and Brighton. Having an increase of 24% since last year, the states were closely followed by Southampton and Manchester with a 23% growth each. London was third in rank with 21%; and succeeded by Liverpool and Edinburgh with both 20% increase. The lowest growth recorded all over the country was only 8%, in Sheffield.

Based on the data collected, experts believe that it shows how UK is moving out from recession. Accordingly, it tells us that as economy grows, more and more people will be looking for work to cater to real-life expenses.

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